Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tree Hug therapy@ Nadipathy

Tree hugging is an ancient Indian healing system. Every tree is indicated to birth star and represent to disease. Tree hugging increase hormone oxytocin. This hormone responsible for the feelings of calmness and emotional bonding. The freshest air can breathe is under a tree filter of air and, removing of dust and providing with cleaner air.
      Trees improve many health issues such as mental illness, improve concentration, leaves cures depression and the ability to alleviate headache. Green space would improve the eye site and cure many villagers would not get any vision problems. They have more vegetation and green atmosphere.
At Nadipathy we are doing research and finding appropriate related trees and we will come out with a detailed research very soon. 1st time introducing in India by Nadipathy Research Foundation.The new age therapy for many chronic diseases has been introduced by Nadipathy Research Foundation, Kakinada. Participate and get rid off from many ailments. Tree Hug Therapy
our research team and our observations made that this therapy would heal and cure internal, external ailments. Who should participate. Everybody can participate for an instant relief and get relief from minor disease to chronic ailments.
  •         Relieves from Hypertension or Blood Pressure.
  •          Wonderful therapy stress relief and improves concentration.
  •          Green space would improve the vision and reduce eye problems.
  •      Get positive energy Good for Meditation

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